Marjorie Abalos at TEDxLaSierraUniversity

“Pick something that you are passionate and enthusiastic about that will permit you to utilize skill sets unique to you.

-Marjorie Abalos, “Choosing A Mission In Life”

In December 2017, Marjorie Abalos was selected to speak at TEDx La Sierra University on her life’s experience trying to find a purpose as a woman, an immigrant, and a person who truly wanted to make a difference in the world. Marjorie and her family found their way to the United States with little money, English, or knowledge of what they were getting into, but a desire to participate in the American Dream. However, through persistence and grit, she attended college and began a career as a successful tech entrepreneur. She applied her skills not only to business but also to doing good for the world through the CLODS system and her work in global health.