Marjorie Abalos is a social entrepreneur based in New York City. During the past 30 years, as Marjorie expanded her horizons educationally, vocationally, and culturally, she continuously remained involved in numerous public service engagements. As the CEO and founder of CLODS Inc., she is fulfilling her life’s mission to deliver access to digital technologies to underserved communities throughout the world. CLODS is impacting society in a positive manner by facilitating the delivery of healthcare services in areas of the world that need it the most. In addition to her exhaustive duties with CLODS, Marjorie also serves as the Chair of the Board of Directors of Out4Good Ltd.


Creating the CLODS System™ is Marjorie Abalos’ response to how she is tackling a “great undone” by helping underserved communities around the world access digital technologies to improve the delivery of healthcare services. Some of the biggest challenges that healthcare providers face across the globe include analyzing data, setting up technical environments, and implementing electronic health record (“EHR”) systems. The CLODS System™ is designed to address these and other related issues and challenges. Marjorie began the development of the CLODS System™ in 2013 and it is now being deployed at multiple hospitals in a region in West Africa. During 2018, CLODS intends to contemporaneously scale into other regions and countries on the 1.2 billion-populated African continent where the EHR market is in its infancy. On parallel courses, CLODS is pursuing numerous requests for regional implementations of the CLODS System™ at hospitals in Asia, South America, and the Caribbean. Marjorie and her CLODS System™ are truly making a positive impact on the world as they continually generate measurable social impact.


Marjorie Abalos also serves as the Chair of the Board of Directors of Out4Good Ltd., a non-governmental organization (“NGO”) which she co-founded. The organization focuses on helping other NGOs, intergovernmental organizations, educational institutions, socially-responsible businesses, and government policymakers improve how they strategize and make decisions. Through research, strategic partnering, and implementation planning, Out4Good is furthering its goals to ensure that “those who govern” the world’s populations are applying an ever-changing “peaceful” balance between the “rule of law” and “human rights.” Marjorie and the other members of Out4Good’s team have spent years working with policymakers on many of the world’s most pressing issues.

Social Justice Humanitarian

In the course of her work, Marjorie Abalos has traveled to many countries to assist in the development of strategies which address the needs of marginalized people. Using technology to impact society in a positive manner is an important aspect of Marjorie’s work. While enrolled at the University of Southern California, Marjorie obtained a degree in biomedical/biochemical engineering and worked on various cutting-edge projects that used biomedical imaging technology to improve the delivery of healthcare. In the early stages of her career, Marjorie worked in the web and software development industry. This exposure to the fields of health and technology, coupled with her life-long public service and social justice humanitarian endeavors, enabled her to harness her interest, education, skill sets, and passion to create the CLODS System™ to facilitate the delivery of healthcare to global underserved populations.